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Music To My Soul!

❤️Short ❤️Sweet ❤️Magical…

…inspiration from some of my best places on earth!

Welcome to my home made mini movie!


Posted by: brigid benson | January 10, 2018

Into the Woods!

When a bright, warm January day in the birch woods feels a little like summer!

Posted by: brigid benson | January 10, 2018

2018 A New Year


‘The Way To Begin Is To Begin’

Eleanor Roosevelt







Posted by: brigid benson | December 5, 2017

Wild Swans

Even on driechest days in the northwest highlands, there is magic.

Driech, among Scotland’s favourite words and meaning exactly what Scottish weather is supposed to do on still and grey and drizzly and rather weirdly  dankly magical days!

Pronounced like Greek!

On this particularly magnificent driech day, I encountered four wild swans, perhaps Whoopers, perhaps Bewicks. I am no expert!

The hill rang out to their call and wingbeat and I felt blessed to have chanced upon  these beautiful migrant visitors.

Here’s my mini movie of the moments, just 21 seconds long!



Posted by: brigid benson | July 17, 2017

9 Cygnets 9 Weeks Old

To celebrate Parks Week #loveparks 14-23 July, here’s a clip of the 9 beautiful cygnets at 9 weeks old in Liverpool’s magnificent Sefton Park, hand fed by Sue, a local teacher with whom the parents have formed a very special bond over recent years.

Posted by: brigid benson | July 12, 2017

Sultry sexy London on a hot summer’s night!

When it’s hot, hot, hot in London, it’s great to be up on the roof!

Here’s a glimpse of tube trains, roof gardens, the gherkin and even the dome of St Paul’s cathedral in just over 25 seconds!

Posted by: brigid benson | July 10, 2017

Return to Loch Broom, Ullapool

When the sea is silky rich with the reflections, and the CalMac ferry boat glides into Ullapool on Loch Broom in the northwest highlands. A favourite sight, just beautiful!

Posted by: brigid benson | July 10, 2017

When The Ferry Boat Comes In

Connecting mainland Scotland with the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, the Ullapool Stornaway car ferry route operated by Caledonian MacBrayne sails 21 times a week. Each crossing takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The arrival of the ferry in the small fishing village of Ullapool is a major event.

Posted by: brigid benson | July 4, 2017

“Granny we can see your washing line!”

IMG_9032To the top of the Victorian castle on the banks of the River Ness in the Scottish highland capital, Inverness.

A fantastic new viewpoint, at the top of the tallest turret in the photo above, offers panoramic views of the city and out to sea across the Moray Firth.  It’s a relatively new attraction, and local people are making the most of seeing their city from this new perspective; across the castle turrets, over the River Ness, with the cathedral on the opposite bank of the river, and out to sea.

Apologies for the breezy sound but I have kept it because I love the comment a little girl makes to her granny!

If you want to experience these spectacular views, the  seasonal opening times are below.  Be warned though, the queue to the top of the tower is up a narrow staircase with rooms to visitor exhibitions off it. It can be a bit congested, even in quiet times. Only 10 people are allowed on the viewing platform at any time, it is accessed though a turnstile on the staircase. Not so bad when it’s quiet, but busy times will be more of a challenge.


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The Scotsman Steps

Postcard from Edinburgh

Linking the old and new town of Edinburgh is a secret stairway of steps snuggling into the magnificent former offices of The Scotsman newspaper. Built in 1899 the 104 steps are in an octagonal stone tower connecting North Bridge with Market Street.


A secret stairway between new and old Edinburgh: the Scotsman steps

Unbeknown to many who scamper up and down the beautiful steps, they are a Category A listed artwork created by Martin Creed in 2010, a commission by The Fruitmarket Gallery.  Creed revitalised the old stairway by refurbishing the steps with different marbles from around the world; walking up and down the rainbow slabs is a fantastic treat.


Many marbles from around the globe in Martin Creed’s functional artwork

There’s nothing precious about the hard working steps, you might well find them decorated by abandoned liquor bottles or perhaps smelling pungent; they were made to live in the city!

IMG_8382At the top of the steps is The Scotsman building, an imposing palace of wood panels and marble! The former HQ of Scotland’s leading newspaper is now a hotel, with vestiges of publishing grandeur everywhere.



The extraordinary grandeur of The Scotsman newspaper offices, now a hotel


The hotel now has a whisky bar where previously the newspaper’s front page was created!




In The Scotsman Hotel…



On The Scotsman Steps…


Posted by: brigid benson | May 21, 2017

Of Witches and Magic Postcard from Pendle Hill

Here’s a glimpse of windswept and barren Pendle Hill infamously associated with witchcraft trials, executions and magic since 1612.

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