Posted by: brigid benson | February 9, 2011

Biggar is Better

The ancient Scottish settlement of Biggar is a favourite place.  The modest town has many charms and yet the welcome slogan on approach always strikes me  as a  missed opportunity to be proud and have fun.

Biggar: Thriving on Safe Driving‘ doesn’t have the same confidence as

Biggar is Better‘ – which is what I’d be tempted to go for!

There’s another Biggar in Saskatchewan and they’ve got a great slogan. No hiding lights under bushels for them.

New York is big but this is Biggar’ This came about after a drunken bunch of  hoodlums thought it up in 1909 and painted it by the roadside. Locals liked it so much they decided to stick with it.

Looking resplendent in his traditional kilt and sporran, the  handsome Scottish scarecrow pictured below is in a garden at the edge of the Scottish Biggar and I am not sure of  his intent.  What do you reckon? He appears to be disillusioned with Biggar and indicating the way to somewhere Better. That would be sad, because Biggar is a lovely  place, even if the welcome slogan is dull.

Maybe he’s had a bad experience. Maybe he’s seeking the yellow brick road to Better….

For inspired escapes and fascinating people to meet,

check out 52 Weekends by the Sea – look forward to joining you there!

He went that way!

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