Posted by: brigid benson | February 14, 2011

Jay hopping

I dipped into someone else’s life a few days ago.

Browsing through books at a second hand stall, I picked up a neat, much loved copy of The Observer’s Book of Birds by S Vere Benson, Hon Sec. of the Bird Lovers’ League.

The illustrations were charming and tucked into the back of the book was a small treasured card with a printed message ‘Hoping you will soon be better ‘. Since the card had been cut up, I know not either the sender or receiver.The  book’s preface told the story of a guillemot rescued from an oil spill by S Vere Benson.  After a thorough clean up ‘He was very friendly and sometimes made  grunting remarks…He pattered about in an upright position like a little man in a white waistcoat and black tail-coat.’ And there was a photo of him to prove it.

The book possessed me completely when I discovered two strikingly beautiful feathers taped into page 19. Reading the profile of a jay I was surprised to learn that these birds can be taught to speak when tame. For 99p the book was mine.

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