Posted by: brigid benson | November 25, 2011

Zipping Along

Wild winds whippped around the western shores of Britain today, in the North Atlantic ‘phenomenal’ waves were over 18 metres high.

West Kirby Marine lake – featured in Weekend 14 of my book 52 Weekends by the Sea is a top spot for windsurfers and word had got round that conditions on the windswept lake were thrilling. Adrenalin junkies flocked  from far and wide, taking the day off some drove hundreds of miles to savour the experience of zipping along at over 40 miles per hour.  Bunting on the promenade flapped furiously, horizontally. I snapped these pictures on my phone. A great day.

For more inspiration around the shores of Britain visit to see 52 Weekends by the Sea , available in all good bookshops and online

Hi speed at West Kirby

Windsurfer photocall

Blasted bunting on the promenade

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