Posted by: brigid benson | February 4, 2014

Postcard from: the Northwest Highlands

Vigilant on the hill

Vigilant on the hill

Winter in Scotland’s remote Northwest Highlands.

No matter how lonely, how far flung, how incomprehensibly ancient this challenging and extraordinary landscape may be, there is always the sense of being quietly, steadily observed by deer on the hill.

Heavy highland skies

Heavy highland skies

Lonely roads travel for mile upon mile; in a few hours of winter daylight I saw eight motorists and hundreds of ruggedly handsome deer.

The spectacular wilderness of the Northwest Highlands Geopark is exhilarating; sensational through all seasons, though winter holds a special magic for me.

I write about it in my beautiful and acclaimed book 52 Weekends by the Sea, here you’ll find information on how to visit the lonely lands for yourself.

Free your spirit to soar with golden eagles and your heart to run wild with red deer.

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