Posted by: brigid benson | July 31, 2014

Postcard from: the jellyfish of 53 High Park Street

Sounds like an ordinary address yet something weirdly wonderful has been happening at 53 High Park Street in Liverpool as part of the UK Biennial of Contemporary Art 2014.

On a sultry July night a motley group of  local residents, including adults and children in pyjamas, international art connoisseurs and curious passers by gathered around the unassuming window of a disused garage. Waiting patiently for the appointed hour.

At 10 o’clock precisely the metal roller shutter rose slowly to reveal the surreal art installation of 20 live jellyfish in a giant tank  illuminated until the early hours of morning.

Shutter up!

Shutter up!


This was ‘The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living’  by artists Walter Hugo and Zoniel who describe the surreal juxtaposition of the jellyfish appearing within this old building as ‘a reflection on the fact that inspiration can happen anywhere at any time…We hope that people local to the area will like having the installation right on their doorstep, within the heart of the community.’




Curiously, while High Park Street watched the jellyfish, London’s Gazelli Art House watched High Park Street, through cameras within the installation creating a ‘virtual corridor between the two cities.‘ That they were being observed remotely was of concern to some, others were were less perturbed.

‘We’ll I’m glad I’ve seen it’ declared one of the senior residents, wrapping herself into her dressing gown. ‘I remember when this place was a garage. I didn’t know anything about this, it was my granddaughter found it on social media. She phoned me up and said ‘Nan, you’ve got to get to the top of the street, there’s big tanks with jellyfish and hidden cameras sending pictures to London.’ I quite like it; makes me feel sleepy. As long as they are not bothering anybody it doesn’t bother me.’

Watching them while others watch us...

Watching them while others watch us…



Travellers of the virtual corridor

Travellers of the virtual corridor


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