Posted by: brigid benson | October 23, 2016

On the Monet: a postcard from Giverny


From the front door to the garden, Monet’s famous alleyway

Talk about in your face! The paintbox chaos of artist Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny is exhilarating. Under cloudless blue skies, October’s scarlets, yellows and deep mauves clashed unabashed. A spectacular visual experience.


Primary colour daisies


Horticultural impressionism

Impressionism reigns here; throughout his 43 years in residence, from 1883-1926, Monet’s planting scheme was about the colliding colour more than the plants themselves, though  he was passionate about finding the perfect plant for his palette.


Claude Monet’s home for 43 years


Many of his water lilies came from Latour Marliac nursery in the southwest of France, established in 1875, the nursery is still a thriving business and a beautiful visit. Monet’s fervour for water lilies was inspired by Latour Marliac’s exhibition at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.



Dahlias and cleome


Full on colour!


Clashing with panache


A glorious jungle

How to visit:

Easy! Take an SNCF  train to Vernon Station 45 minutes from Gare St Lazare, Paris.

From Vernon station there’s a regular shuttle bus to the garden.

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