Posted by: brigid benson | November 15, 2016

The Supermoon High Tide Effect


Supermoon high tide washes over the Dee estuary marsh

Last night the moon came closer to the Earth than it has done in 70 years, appearing 14% bigger and bouncing 30% more light around the heavens.  Most of us struggled to get the full impact through cloudy skies.


Almost submerged by floodwater, two huge anchors that usually sit on dry land

The super high tides that follow the supermoon cause flooding, and on the Dee estuary marshes it is spectacular. Birds of prey swoop upon unfortunate creatures feeling from the marsh as the water rushes in. Leaky old boats that have lain about mud bound and abandoned get a chance to part float again. Often there’s an eerie sensation in the air, a calm stillness where Nature is just doing her thing silently, strongly. The migrating geese in this video clip were a moment of squawky magic!




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