Posted by: brigid benson | June 3, 2017

The Scotsman Steps

Postcard from Edinburgh

Linking the old and new town of Edinburgh is a secret stairway of steps snuggling into the magnificent former offices of The Scotsman newspaper. Built in 1899 the 104 steps are in an octagonal stone tower connecting North Bridge with Market Street.


A secret stairway between new and old Edinburgh: the Scotsman steps

Unbeknown to many who scamper up and down the beautiful steps, they are a Category A listed artwork created by Martin Creed in 2010, a commission by The Fruitmarket Gallery.  Creed revitalised the old stairway by refurbishing the steps with different marbles from around the world; walking up and down the rainbow slabs is a fantastic treat.


Many marbles from around the globe in Martin Creed’s functional artwork

There’s nothing precious about the hard working steps, you might well find them decorated by abandoned liquor bottles or perhaps smelling pungent; they were made to live in the city!

IMG_8382At the top of the steps is The Scotsman building, an imposing palace of wood panels and marble! The former HQ of Scotland’s leading newspaper is now a hotel, with vestiges of publishing grandeur everywhere.



The extraordinary grandeur of The Scotsman newspaper offices, now a hotel


The hotel now has a whisky bar where previously the newspaper’s front page was created!




In The Scotsman Hotel…



On The Scotsman Steps…


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