2 thoughts on “Music To My Soul!

  1. Hi Brigid
    Loving the book and we are planning to travel the 500 next year with our spaniel Sidney.
    We were thinking have hiring a motor home and allowing 2 weeks.
    Would you suggest this is a good idea ?

    David and Beverley

  2. Hello David and Beverley, and Sidney too!

    I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying North Coast Journey and that it has inspired you to explore the wonderful communities and landscapes featured in the book.

    Hiring a motor home is a popular way of discovering the far north of Scotland and if that is your preferred option I wish you very happy travels.

    I would caution that some folk have been tempted to take relatively large vehicles, with which they are not familiar, and so rule themselves out of the opportunity to travel some of the smaller roads with traffic restrictions, and many struggle to cope with the considerable amount of tricky reversing that is required regularly on single track roads with passing places and acute bends. So perhaps that’s worth bearing in mind when you chose the vehicle!

    If you are not familiar with single track roads and passing places, it’s vital to know how to use them in advance and – as I urge in the book – hugely important to use the passing places to allow other vehicles to overtake rather than holding up traffic while savouring the staggering scenery! Local people hugely appreciate visitors pulling over to let them pass.

    Two weeks is a reasonable time to explore the route, it may be unlikely you have the flexibility but if you can make it three, so much the better! There are so many wonderful walks to enjoy away from the roadside, with staggering views, it’s well worth squeezing in as many as you can. Sidney will love it! And do consider checking out the small local campsites to park up overnight well in advance, that supports the local economy too and is hugely appreciated.

    I wish you all a safe trip and a wonderful adventure making magical memories!

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