Love You To the Moon and Back!


A beautiful lunar artwork by artist Luke Jerram has arrived at Liverpool Cathedral, the largest in Britain. The magnificent ‘Museum of the Moon’ is lit from within and illuminated at night. The magical sight is on view at the cathedral until 10.30pm May 31st as part of the Tall Ships Liverpool regatta.

Here are some images of the moon by daylight. I’m looking forward to seeing it by night too. I’ll post more images of that. If you visit, look out for the self guided moon meditation journey around the cathedral. Pick up a small stone from a bowl and walk with it in contemplation and serenity.

Architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott won the competition to design Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral when he was just 22 years old. His vision was of a welcoming space to embrace the spirit of the city and all the people of Liverpool. He is buried in the cathedral grounds.

For anyone visiting Liverpool cathedral anytime, if you are able, perhaps consider taking a donation for the Micah food bank collection point in the cathedral. Tins, packets and toiletries are all hugely appreciated.

And look out for kind Brian (pictured)who wondered if the magical moon might be made of Wensleydale cheese!




Look out for Brian, who wonders whether the real moon is made of Wensleydale cheese!



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