Thanks 2018! Hello 2019!

As the year closes, here’s a lovely reflection that I came across in the Ullapool News, which circulates weekly to a small and scattered community on the west coast of Scotland.

Especially poignant are the lines social worker Andre du Plessis writes about the human experience, relationships and the importance of nurturing our relationships together to create enduring warmth and love in our lives. 

I read this while listening to a storm stomp around the house. The wind prowled and howled across the landscape, rain lashed the windows but they did nothing to dim the coals in the fireplace. The room was full of  soothing glowing light and reassuring warmth. It was cosy, it was beautiful and I filmed it because it felt so lovely to be held safe while the storm raged. In time it would pass, all part of nature’s rhythm.

So farewell 2018, and welcome 2019!

And may your fireplace warm your heart!

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