About me


Thanks for dropping by, welcome to my blog of personal work.

What I do

I am an award winning Author, Creative Director and Communications Specialist. I love to write and have been privileged to do that across different media, for stage, television and national press, books and magazines too.

The arts in my life

I am passionate about the arts. The power of the arts to reach out across all kinds of barriers in life that so often divide people, to touch hearts and minds, to inspire new ways of thinking, seeing and being, motivates me hugely!

Along my career path  I have worked for the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, on tour throughout Britain with the Royal Shakespeare Company and in Manchester and London for BBC Television  Definitely a creative soul!

Communication work

Along with my writing, I create concepts for unique brand communication, imagery and events. I am commissioned to deliver big, bold, ideas to create successful, engaging campaigns for major brands, my clients include John Lewis, Barclays Bank and the NHS.

My Facebook mini movies

Having travelled and worked all around the British coast and inland Britain, I am an authority on fascinating places and the special people who live and work there. I am especially passionate about the remote, wild landscape of Scotland that makes my heart sing!

Please do check out my Facebook mini movies collection where I have made short clips of extraordinary places and communities that I know and love.

My award winning books

I am the author of 52 Weekends by the Sea and 52 Weekends in the Country, among Britain’s top lifestyle and travel books offering inspirational discoveries and adventures throughout Britain. My work transports you to places you may have heard of and others that will come as a complete surprise.

What makes my work distinctive is that I believe in the importance of integrity and being truly authentic; my writing is not  simply lifted from other peoples’ experience, or rehashed press releases and tourist brochures. My travel writing is the result of meticulous, extensive research and experience. This powerful combination creates unique insight of true quality. Everything is tried, tested and trusted because I wouldn’t dream of sending you there if I hadn’t checked it out first.

You’ll find also that I can’t resist the curious and the quirky so when all of these factors come together, as they do in my books and other projects, you know you’re in for a good time!

My inspiration

I am inspired by this quote from John Muir, the wilderness hero and conservation pioneer,  who recognised the power of wild landscape to create precious breathing space and clarity for people in need of time out to restore themselves and be inspired.

‘Keep close to Nature’s heart, yourself; and break clear away, once in a while’


If you’d like to contact me, please do.

For features please do just email me: brigid@brigidbenson.com

For other professional enquiries please contact my agent:

Sheila Crowley, Curtis Brown Group Ltd, London  Tel:  44 (0)20 7393 4400

Thanks for visiting!



‘as much a document of indigenous life as it is a travel guide’

Lonely Planet review of 52 Weekends by the Sea


‘Brigid writes with warmth and appreciation

of communities that she knows and loves, and she inspires us to explore them.’

Rick Stein


‘This is the book that proves you don’t need to leave the country

or spend very much money to have a great time’ 

Waterstones Quarterly Review of 52 Weekends in the Country


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