My Circle Journeys

Empowering Life Affirming Small Group Experiences

My Circle Journeys are innovative and hugely rewarding experiences that I create for small groups of up to 6 people across community. I am invited to work with people in recovery from addiction, older people in community and people who may be experiencing poor mental health.

Discovering wisdom within, the empowering experience of a Circle Journey

I bring my creative experience of story telling, theatre and performance to create an intimate space where a small group meets once a week for an hour over a series of weeks to consider an important theme. For example, ageing, or reflection on teenage years. My experience as a fully trained Mental Health First Aider also supports this work.

My Circle Journey process positively changes the way individuals relate to, and connect with, others. This creative experience is extraordinary, empowering and transformative. It is a joy for me to bring my skills and experience to work with people of all ages from all backgrounds.

This work is deeply empowering for each individual in the circle. Guiding the journey with care and compassion, I have developed a remarkable, innovative and authentic way for each person to choose to share safely their life experience around a theme.

Freedom to be yourself is a fundamental part of my Circle Journeys

For many, the Circle Journey is life-changing. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s the heart felt experience of a participant.

‘I can only describe the circle journey with Brigid to a public performance, in front of a theatre full of complete strangers, like confidently doing a parachute jump having never done one before! It changed me. I have found my voice. I feel more able to speak about my feelings, especially at meetings with other addicts. The whole project was amazing because it had no other agenda than to do good and I felt safe.’

If you would like to consider the opportunity of a Circle Journey guided by me for individuals in your community or your organisation, then please do contact me for a chat about how I can create something very special that empowers a person to find their voice around important life experiences in a safe and authentic way, and if desired, to share them for the benefit and understanding of a wider audience.

To receive a beautiful message like this after guiding a Circle Journey
is humbling and life affirming
🙏🏻 Gratitude