Euros 2020 in 2021

Catching up after Covid-19 stopped play

For the first time in 60 years the UEFA EURO football competition is taking place in 11 cities across the continent rather than just one host country.

And though we may be some way in, as the last 16 fall away to the finalists, it confuses me still to see hoardings around the grounds proclaim Euro2020; 2021 feels the strangest time warp in so many ways!

Here’s a little local football action from the lush green pitch beside the harbour at Lochinver, a sweet feast for the deer herd that trots in blithely from surrounding hills and neighbouring Culag Wood.

This particular stag is incorrigible, a bold regular with scant regard for the high deer fence or the mortified players obliged to scoop poop while the visiting opposition warm up ahead of match day kick off!

Far from Black Friday!

Lochinver Winter Market

The hurly burly of congested shopping streets and frantic online festive purchases is not for me, much as I love to be in cities, towns and villages when they are aglow with sparkling lights.

But when it comes to buying meaningful gifts, I do love to visit markets where local people have created unique treasures, whether it’s an exquisitely crafted piece of jewellery or daffodil bulbs in a pot individually painted by the community group.

Among the other treasures at yesterday’s Lochinver Winter Market were hand knitted socks and fabulous jewellery made by Barbara Macleod

Barbara Macleod’s beautiful enamelled work

Another craftswoman showing her work was Clare Hawley 

Close by the fabulous jewellery were wondrous hand knitted socks!

Hand knitted traditional socks

Refreshments were great too; nourishing soup and spectacular homemade cakes. The tables were decorated with tartan cloths and homegrown flowers. A pot of jam awaited scones!

While people gathered in the cosy village hall, in the harbour beyond, fish was being unloaded from ships and into lorries for delivery to fish markets in Britain and Europe.