Happy Birthday Glasgow Central!


The glassy wonder of Glasgow Central station is 139 years old today. I love this busy place! I love the city too! There are more images of it on my Facebook page but here is a hidden beauty that some people never notice in the city railway hub.

IMG_4534This beautiful mosaic celebrating Glasgow as The cultural Capital of Europe in 1990  is installed in the station below eye level so you have to seek it out carefully, but it’s well worth it.

I especially love the left hand panel that depicts a sunrise over the west of Britain and a return of the light to the land. The mural, commissioned by British Rail, is the inspired work of Jude Burkhauser an artist and curator with a huge passion for Glasgow. She was born in Trenton, New Jersey 10 September 1947 and died 19 September 1998.

If you are visiting the station, take a few special minutes to experience her beautiful work. It feels, to me, a meditation on journeys in life.

The installation was achieved by Fiorino Pallisco (1932-2008) a brilliantly skilled artisan mosaic specialist at DeCecco Ltd. Fiorino was a native of Italy who lived in Scotland and created murals around the world.

So happy birthday to the beautiful station, made ever lovelier by inspired and creative souls!